At Dolphin Aquatics, Inc. we pride ourselves in the high quality hot tub, spa, or steam room parts and repairs we provide. But, there are ways to keep up on basic maintenance by following these steps:

    1. Water Chemistry is the single most important aspect of maintaining you spa/tub - pH effects all of your equipment - pH should be checked weekly - If using "test strips" always make sure to check the expiration date - using expired test strips will give you an inaccurate test. If you use a dropper test kit, be sure not to leave it outside to freeze. This will also result in inaccurate test result. Try to maintain a pH level of between 7.2 and 7.6.

   2. Spa covers are generally made to support no more than 150lb. Never sit/step on your cover - never allow small children to play on top of the cover - if you get more than 4 to 5 inches of snow be sure to clean the snow off the cover USE A BROOM!! Not a snow shovel, you will rip the cover with a snow shovel.

    3. Cover maintenance is best done by twice yearly cleaning the cover with soap and water and allowing it to dry. Then coat the top of the cover with WD-40 and rub in with a rag. If your cover "pools" water on top, pick a warm day (to allow vinyl to stretch), open cover and unzip at fold, remove insert and simply turn it over and re-insert (this is usually accomplished with two people)

   4. Inspect your equipment at least twice a year, taking particular notice of the pumps. Leaking seals are relatively inexpensive to fix. If a pump seal leaks long enough it can damage the motor bearings, motors can get pricey!
   5. Filters: The best maintenance for paper element filters is to allow them to dry. Therefore your best course of action is to have two sets of filters, which can be cleaned and rotated every 6-8weeks. To clean, simply hose out with a high-pressure hose. We don't recommend putting them in the dishwasher.

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